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Attijari Online Banking - FAQs

What is Attijari Online Banking?
Generally, Attijari Online refers to an advanced online service from Commercial Bank of Dubai that enables you to conduct secure information about your Accounts. You can now access your accounts from the convenience of your home or office or maybe while on the move from your desktop or from your laptop, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year from Dubai or from anywhere around the world through the Internet.Attijari Online Banking gives you real time access to your accounts information. It is an Internet-Based service that provides you a safe and convenient way to do your banking. You can:

What is required to get started with Attijari Online Banking?
All you need is to maintain a Current or Saving or Call or Fixed Deposit or Loan or Credit Card account with any branch of CBD in UAE. Please contact you're nearest CBD branch to find more information.

What does it cost me to do banking through Attijari Online?
There are no registration or monthly usage fees. It is a totally free Internet Banking services to all our customers.

How soon can I start using Attijari Online banking?
Once Attijari Online banking application form is completed, you will get your User ID and Requested Password plus the PIN.

What is User ID?
The user ID is a unique name chosen by the customer that can only be used by that customer. No one else in Attijari online can use the same User ID.The User ID is not case sensitive, and cannot be less than 6 or more than 14 characters, you cannot use spaces or special characters to set the User ID.

How do I login to Attijari Online?
As soon as your User ID and Password becomes effective, all you need to do to start the Attijari Online Banking service is to connect to the Internet and then do the following steps: In address box type www.cbdonline.ae and press enter

How many chances do I get to enter my Access code when logging on to Attijari Online?
You have 5 chances to enter your correct Access Code before your account is locked. If your account is locked, please call our Call Center 800223 to speak with one of our customer service consultants who will unlock your account

What is login Password?

Login password is your Access Code to allow you to us CBD Internet banking service it should be between 5 – 8 alphanumeric characters. You can view you account details but NO transactions would be allowed.

What is transaction PIN?
Transaction PIN is a Code that allows you to DO financial transaction on CBD Internet banking service it can be between 4 – 6 alphanumeric characters. You can do fund transfer; pay your utility bills plus other financial payments.

What happens if I have lost or forgotten my Password?
If you have lost or forgotten your Password, please call CBD Call Center 800223 and one of our consultants will advise you.

What happens if I think someone knows my Password?
If you know or suspect that your Password have become known to someone else or are lost or stolen, you either change the Password on the website or call our Call Center & requist for new one.

What can I do to maximize security?

Read our Security section and Internet Banking Terms and Conditions and adhere to recommendations set our in Technical Requirements. .
- Keep your password secret .
- Never leave your computer unattended while logged on to Internet Banking.

How long can I stay logged into my account via Attijari Online Banking?
To enhance the security of each Attijari Online Banking session, you can use Attijari Online Banking in 5 minute blocks of time. At the end of each session, you will be able to login again, if necessary.

What is a Session?
A Session is defined as the period of time between logging on to Attijari Online Banking and logging off of Attijari Online Banking. Within the session time period, every movement is recorded.

Why it is important to log off the system at the end of every session?
We strongly advice you that you always log off properly at the end of every session in order t prevent any unauthorized access to the system and ensure the confidentiality of your personal and financial information.
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