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Mudaraba Short Term Deposit


Mudaraba Short Term Deposit (MSTD) is a profit bearing Shari'a compliant product based on Islamic principle of unrestricted ‘Mudaraba'. This exclusive product is unique in the sense that it is a type of current account that incurs profit.

Whom does it benefit?

Mudaraba Short Term Deposit is ideally suitable for corporate and commercial customers who have frequent transactions and follow a pattern. Like in other Mudaraba deposit products, the depositor acts as the capital supplier (Rab Al Mal) of the investment and the bank acts as the investor (Mudarib).

Here, expected profit is calculated and disbursed on a quarterly average balance which exceeds the minimum deposit requirements.

Features and Benefits

  • A minimum deposit amount of AED 100,000.
  • Profit is payable on a quarterly basis based on a minimum average balance of AED 100,000 per quarter.
  • Competitive profit rates as per the current market benchmarks.
  • Deposit can be withdrawn at any time.


  • Current account with Commercial Bank of Dubai Al Islami (Funds should be available in the nominated account at the time of agreeing the rate and terms of the deposit)
  • Legal documentation
  • CBD Al Islami Short Term Investment Deposit Account Opening Form
  • Mudaraba Short Term Investment Deposit Terms and Conditions

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For more information, please contact your Commercial Bank of Dubai Al Islami Relationship Manager or call 800847.

*Terms & Conditions apply.