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Trade Finance LC & LG Products


Attijari Al Islami is well equipped to handle all our clients' requirements with regard to imports or local trade. Our documentary credits are custom made to suit your needs, be it transferable, revolving or of a standby nature. We offer an excellent service through our network correspondents. 

Extending your reach beyond limits

Introducing Tasdeer, the innovative Shariah compliant export finance product.

Extending your reach beyond limits

In today's global marketplace, developing the right financial partnerships is critical to your success. Introducing Tasdeer, the innovative Shariah compliant export finance product from Attijari Al Islami, based on the Islamic concept of Mudaraba.

  • Immediate finance for your procurement of raw-materials.
  • Post shipment financing for your exports.
  • Avail finance without loan/credit facility.

You can opt any of the following Tasdeer products to meet your financing requirements:

Madaraba Tasdeer Pre-Shipment Finance: to meet your pre-shipment financing requirements, up to 75% of document value could be advanced.

Madaraba Tasdeer Post-Shipment Finance: to meet your post-shipment financing requirements, up to 95% of document value could be disbursed.

If you are an exporter supplying under LC and in need of exceptional Sharia compliant products and services, our professional and expert team of client focused trade finance specialists and Relationship Managers are ready to fulfill your banking requirements.

For further information, please call 04 2121668 or 04 2121667 or 04 2121672 or email us on

Terms and conditions apply.

Issued to enable clients to collect goods from the shipping company, before received the Bill of Lading or shipping documents. This allows the goods to be claimed as soon as possible, so improving cash flow, and avoiding any possible losses due to deterioration of the goods

Under this type of LC, bank will appoint the customer as an Agent to import the goods in his name on behalf of the bank. In this case the LC will be in customers name but the full responsibility will be for the bank. The customer will show an applicant and has full right to negotiate with supplier directly. Bill of lading will be in the name of bank but invoice and other documents can be in customer's name

Payment types of above mentioned categories of L/Cs are:

  • Sight payment – L/C
  • Acceptance
  • Mixed Payments

Where the LC will open to import the goods at customer's requests mentioned in the purchase order. In this case the applicant will be the bank and bears full risks & responsibility. All shipping documents including bill of lading and invoice will be in the name of applicant (Issuing bank) who will notify the customer once goods arrives. Bank has to import / purchase the goods and after that sell to customer upon arrival. 

Under this LC, either Bank to collect 100% margin (Hamish Jiddiya) at the time of opening or open Usance LC by debiting the customer account on maturity of bill. In other words no financial facility is required to open Cash payment LCs. These LCs are similar to the conventional LCs.