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About CBD Al Islami

About CBD Al Islami

Internal Sharia Supervision Committee - ISSC

Our Internal Sharia Supervision Committee - ISSC is comprised of leading Islamic scholars who have extensive experience and expertise in legal, financial and banking - related matters.

The committee is responsible for reviewing, approving, and overseeing all of our product offerings, and is empowered to issue rulings in strict adherence to the principles of Sharia. Our ISSC relies on the following renowned Islamic scholars:


Shaikh. Dr. Mohammad Abdul Rahim Sultan Al Olama

Chairman and Executive Member of ISSC

Shaikh. Dr. Ahmad AbdulAziz Al Haddad

Member of ISSC

Shaikh. Mossa Tariq Khoory

Member of ISSC



Management Team

Our Management Team consists of industry experts bringing us years of unparalleled expertise and Sharia knowledge.


Dr. Bernd van Linder

Chief Executive

Mr. Fahad Al Muhairi

General Manager, CBD Al Islami

Mr. Darren Clarke

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Maher Al Marzouqi

Head of Corporate & Commercial, CBD Al Islami