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Mobile Banking


Meet the CBD app

Your bank now fits in your phone

From applying for a CBD account or card right from your sofa to paying your bills and transferring money, we are always at your fingertips and just a tap away.

  • Apply right your your sofa with a simple and fast application
  • Pay instantly bills, friends and more
  • Smart banking with notifications and spending info
  • Get more rewards with discounts, miles and cashback
  • Stay updated on our latest products, services and promotions
  • Log in with the same CBD Online Banking credentials

Download the App now!

Everyday Banking on the go



  • Easy Transfers

    Transfer money to your own accounts, other CBD accounts or other bank accounts locally or internationally.

  • Bill Payments

    Make bill payments - Etisalat, Du, Water and Electricity and SALIK.

  • One Time Payments

    Make one time payments to beneficiaries, quickly and in two ways.


  • Mobile Statements

    View and save statements so you always have a record of your transactions.

  • Manage Rewards

    Manage and redeem your Attijari Loyalty Points online for cashback or Skywards Miles.

  • Apply for Products

    Apply for savings and deposit accounts instantly through Mobile Banking.


On the Go

  • Phone Banking

    Access your bank 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round, from home, from office, car or even while at the beach. 
  • SMS Banking

    Request payment transactions and keep your banking close at hand with SMS banking.

Getting started - Activating your App

To start using CBD Mobile Banking app in a few quick steps.You will need to be registered with CBD Online Banking service to use the CBD Mobile Banking App.


Download/Update the CBD Mobile Banking App from Apple Store or Google Play.



If you already have your CBD Online Banking credentials you can use them in the app and start using it for your everyday banking on the go.


If you are using the CBD Quick App you can continue using the same in our new Mobile banking app by creating a new 4 digit passcode.


Registration is completed.

You are ready for Banking on the go!

Privacy Security

CBD Mobile Banking uses various security measures and data encryption to ensure your day to day banking is completely safe with a UserID/Password, PIN and security token (CBD Mobile App only) for high level transactions. Some of these security measures are:

  • Personalised activation/registration process with unique one time password code
  • Secure registration process using CBD Online Banking credentials
  • Multilevel checks using personal password/PIN or security token
  • The ability to control your beneficiaries by adding or removing utility bills, internal and external payments details through synchronisation from CBD Online Banking through receiving an OTP (one time password) notification on your mobile.

Mobile Security Tips

  • Lock your phone when not in use. Password-protect your device so that nobody else can use it or view the information. Also be sure to store your device in a safe location.
  • Call us on 600 527223, if you have lost your phone and we will disable your mobile banking user ID and password temporarily. In case you have changed your mobile phone number, please let us know and we will update your contact details.
  • Clear mobile frequently by deleting text messages from financial institutions, especially before sharing, discarding or selling your device.
  • Never disclose via text message any personal information (account numbers, passwords, or other personal information) that could be used for ID theft.


View more on Security
CBD Digital Token

Digital Token

Committed to offering the highest level of security.
Digital token protects your online and mobile banking transactions giving you peace of mind.


We recognize how important mobile banking security is for you, so we are adding an additional layer of security to authenticate your transactions by using digital token.

Digital token is an application that you download on your smartphone. It works without the need for internet and provides you with the 6 digits passcode that you need for online and mobile banking transactions that require additional layer of authentication.

When to use digital token

You will use it for all the mobile transactions that require additional layer of authentication:

  • All bill payments and fund transfers above AED 25,000 (this excludes your own account transfers).

How to use digital token

You will use it together with your 4-digit token PIN that you need to create in CBD Online Banking (under Online Settings). This way, authentication is based on something you know (4-digit token PIN) and on something you have (6-digit number generated by the digital token app). When you open the app on your smartphone, it will display a random number, which you will enter as your passcode.

Activating your Digital Token


Download the RSA Secure ID app on your smartphone. To complete the process, please ensure that your mobile number is registered and updated with CBD.


Login to CBD Online Banking and place your request for digital token that you will find under Services section.


Enter the Binding/Device ID that you will find in the app, under Information details. It will link the digital token to your online banking User ID.


Once you bind the token, you will receive a call from a CBD customer agent to verify your request, followed by a SMS with the link.


Generate 4-digit token PIN in CBD Online Banking, under Online Settings.

Our app:

With our app you can do pretty much anything when it comes to your money. It’s designed to let you do the things you love, whilst making sorting out your money a two-minute job you can do on the way to meeting friends. So with that in mind, we’ve made sure the CBD app lets you view your balance and statements, check your transaction history, make payments as well as transferring money locally and internationally. It can tell you where your nearest ATM is and there’s even a handy budget & expenses tracker to help you manage your spending more efficiently.
That, friend, is a no. For your security, we need you to keep the CBD app on one phone at any given time. If you get a new phone, you can of course install it there once you’ve deleted it from your old handset.
Of course you can use it abroad! You just need an active internet connection and you’ll be able to login like you do in the UAE.
Enjoy hundreds of dining and lifestyle offers across the UAE. Click on ‘Offers’ or ‘View all offers’ from your dashboard to see what we have in store for you including Buy One Get One Free and discounts up to 25%. You can filter based on your desired categories and/or location to select the vouchers you wish to redeem. What’s more, you can view the nearest offers to you when you turn your location on.


Enter 4 digit token PIN followed by the 6 digit token code. You can find your Token code on your login screen and in the Security settings page (More > My Profile > Security).
Easy! Just follow below simple steps:
  1. Go to ‘More’ page from the app and select ‘My profile’
  2. Go to ‘Security’ and select ‘Secure token’
  3. Set up Secure your 4-digit Token PIN (We’ll ask for this PIN when making transactions on the Online Banking website, along with the 6-digit Secure Token code).
A Secure Token is an application that works without the need for internet to generate a 6-digits Pass-code that you will need for Online Banking transactions. You can enable your Secure Token in the ‘Security Settings’ page (More > My Profile > Security > Secure Token).
You should always use the log off button to close your session after using the CBD Mobile App. For your security, even if you don't log out, your session will time out after 3 minutes of inactivity. After this, anyone using your mobile device will have to login again to access your account information. We also recommend that you do not write your User ID and Password in another app on your device, for instance in the Notes app.
You might be using the wrong details, or the app may have been locked – it may happen after multiple incorrect login attempts. Give our lovely customer service team a call on +971 600 575 556 and they’ll get you access in no time.
If your smartphone has a fingerprint option, you can activate Touch ID login in your security settings under the ‘More’ menu (More > My profile > Security > Enable Touch ID). For iPhone X, you can use Face ID to login by simply activating it in your security settings under the ‘More’ menu (More > My profile > Security > Enable Face ID). If you are facing any difficulties, you can try to disable and re-enable Face ID to get it working.
Easy! Just click ‘forgot password’ on the app login page, we’ll help you to safely set a new one.
We like to have fun and enjoy life at CBD, but security is something we take very seriously. We’ve taken every possible measure to ensure the safety of your personal and banking details, and we also advise you use a secure password (no birthdays, that’s for sure). To make things easier, you can also use your fingerprint (for iPhones and compatible Android phones) as well as Face ID (for iPhone X).

Transfers and bill payments:

You can do that too! Just follow these simple steps:
  • Select ‘Pay’ from the app menu
  • Select ‘Credit cards’
  • Select ‘Someone else’s CBD card’
  • Confirm the payment details and it’s done!
Of course you can! Just follow these simple steps:
  • Select ‘Pay’ from the app menu
  • Select ‘Credit cards’
  • Select ‘Other banks cards’
  • Confirm the payment details and it’s done!

With less fuss than ever and what’s more, once you pay a bill using the CBD app, we will remind you to pay it every month when it is due. Just follow these few steps:

  • Select ‘Pay’ from the app menu
  • Select ‘Bills’
  • Choose an existing Bill or add a new one
  • Enter the payment details and it’s done!

You can easily update or remove a beneficiary:

  • Select ‘Pay’ from the app menu
  • Select either ‘Transfers’ or ‘Bills’
  • Select ‘Beneficiaries’
  • Click on ‘Edit’ to update or delete your beneficiary.
Very easily! Use the app to transfer your money locally or internationally in few simple steps:
  • Tap ‘Pay’ and ‘Transfer’ from the app menu
  • Choose an existing beneficiary or add a new one
  • Enter the amount and confirm your transfer.
  • Sit back and enjoy how easy it was!
You can use the app to pay your credit card bill by following these few steps:
  • Select ‘Pay’ from the app menu
  • Select ‘Credit cards’
  • Select ‘My CBD Card’
  • Confirm the payment details and it’s done!

Your profile:

Budget and track:

Easy! Just go to the ‘Spending’ page from the app where you can track your spending in one snapshot with our visual chart. You can also set up a budget for each spending category to help you stay on track.
Just go to the ‘Spending’ page from the app and select ‘Budget’ and add the target for your spending categories.
Taking charge of your finances was never easier. After setting up your budget (Spending > Budget), you will be able to track your total expenses against your total budget or compare expenses vs budget for each spending category.
Just click on ‘Edit’ at the top of Budget page to update desired spending targets (Spending > Budget > Edit)
With automatic categorization of your spending, you can view and track all your transactions from all your accounts and cards in one place, so you know exactly where your money goes. Just go to the ‘Spending’ page from the app and select ‘Transactions’.

Account details

In the easiest way possible! You can see monthly statements, as well as all your transactions, by clicking on your desired account and select ‘View Statements’. What’s more, you can download a PDF for your records.
You can see your IBAN and all your account information by clicking on your desired account from your dashboard.
Yes, just go to ‘eStatement’ page (Dashboard > Account details > View Statements > choose month) and select ‘View PDF’. From there, you can select the download or print option under the ‘Share’ button.

Manage your cards

You can use the app to pay your credit card bill in a few simple steps:
  • Select ‘Pay’ from the app menu
  • Select ‘Credit cards’
  • Select ‘My CBD Card’
  • Enter the payment details and it’s done
We’re way ahead of you, we’ll mail you your new card prior to the expiry date of you current one. If you have any queries, please call our customer service team on +971 600 527223.

You can manage your cards by going to the ‘Card’ page in the app where you can:

  • Activate your card
  • Set up and change PIN
  • Report your card lost or stolen
  • Temporarily lock your card
Easy! You can activate and set up your debit card PIN during the app registration process. For credit cards, simply visit the ‘Cards’ page in the app once you are logged in.
You can change your debit card PIN number anytime by going to the ‘Cards’ page in the app.
Don’t worry. You can report a lost or stolen card by going to the ‘Card’ page in the app. For your security we’ll block your card immediately and you’ll be able to reorder a new card straight away.
It’s easy to temporarily lock and unlock your card at any time in the ‘Cards’ page, simply toggle the lock button ON and OFF whenever you need, it works in real time. If your card has been lost or stolen, select the ‘Report lost or stolen’ option in the ‘Cards’ page and it will be immediately and permanently blocked.

Card details:

You can find all your credit card details such as credit limit, available balance, outstanding balance and payment details by clicking on the desired credit card from your dashboard.

In the easiest way possible! You can see monthly statements, as well as all your transactions, by clicking on your desired credit card from your dashboard.

Yes, just go to ‘eStatement’ page (Dashboard > card details > statements > eStatement) and select the desired month. Click on ‘Share’ to download and print your eStatement.

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