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SMS Banking


Request payment transactions and keep your banking close at hand with ​CBD SMS Banking service.

​CBD SMS Banking service offers you the following services and features to make life simpler on the go.

Features and Benefits

Alert and Notification Service:

  • Alerts on Electron debit card and credit card transactions.
  • Alerts on all types of deposits and withdrawals including remittances and standing orders.
  • Cheque return notifications.
  • Balance information at your convenience (daily, weekly, or monthly).
  • General notifications and alerts.
Request and Payment Service:

  • Transfer Funds within your own accounts.
  • Make payments to all Etisalat utility services instantly (GSM, Landline, Internet, E-vision).
  • Make payments to all electricity & water bills (DEWA, SEWA, and ADDC).
  • Check balance information and last three transactions of your accounts and credit cards.

This service is available in both English and Arabic. 

Get started

Please follow these steps:

Refer to the below table and enter the request format as an SMS text message and send it to 3082 (please make sure your number is registered with CBD )

The symbol ^ means space

Service Format Example
Account Balance BAL ^ last 6 digits A/C No BAL 123456
Last 3 Account Transactions INQ ^ last 6 digits A/C No. INQ 123456
Credit Card Balance Bal ^ last 4 digits Card No. BAL 4596
Last 3 Card Transactions INQ ^ last 4 digits Card No. INQ 1234
Credit Card Due* Due ^ last 6 digits Card No. Due 322272
Loan EnquiryDue (Space) last 6 digits of loanDue 123456
Transfer between your own A/C  TRF ^ last 6 digits A/C No. ^ Account Number
you want to transfer to (10 digits) ^ Amount
TRF 123456
1234567899 1000
Bill PaymentPay ^ Consumer No. ^ AmountPay 0501234567 30
*Credit Card due reflects amount as per auto debit instruction OR minimum due (for customers without auto debit instruction)

Fees and Charges

Charge Items Requirements / Charges
Above 5 Messages AED 0.20 Per Message



You will automatically be signed up for CBD SMS Banking and registered for FREE services such as ATM cash withdrawal and POS (Point of sale) transactions. To update your registration details, please call us on 600 527223 . 

CBD SMS Banking is one of our convenient banking channels that allow you to carry out banking activities from a mobile phone using a simple SMS. Catch up on your bank account details, request for financial information and make all types of payment transactions instantly. 

There are no charges for account, credit and finance inquires. For the remaining SMS Pull Services, its 20 fils for each SMS, with five free messages a month. Please note that, in addition, your network provider might charge you regular SMS fees as applicable.

A service which allows you to pay your bill, transfer funds and request for account inquiries all through a simple SMS. 

You will be automatically registered for account, credit card and finance inquiries. To register for the remaining SMS Pull Services, you may give us a call on 600 575 556.

You can use CBD SMS Banking anywhere in the world! 

No password is required for CBD SMS ​Banking - we know they can be a bother! 

Pay (space) consumer number (space) amount.

You can receive SMS for the following services: - Debits and credits - Notifications for available balance and finance - Standing orders - TDs due. 

SMS alert service is available for all products and services. 

We will notify you after every transaction completed through your supplementary credit card or account. 

You'll be automatically registered for free push services when you make an ATM cash withdrawal or POS transactions.

Our SMS alert service keeps you updated on any significant activities or transactions on your account. For example you can receive SMS alerts when your salary is credited to your account or when you make an ATM cash withdrawal. While our SMS request and payment service lets you request for account and credit card information and make transactions instantly. 

Yes, absolutely! If you’re a CBD customer with a local or foreign currency account, you’re automatically eligible for this service. Is it eligible/authorized for joint account holders and power of attorneys to avail this service? Yes, it is! Power of attorneys and joint account holders with either/or survivor instructions in their accounts are eligible to use the service. 

The CBD SMS Banking service is free for all debit and credit transactions. You will be auto registered for this service once you open an account with CBD and you will get notifications on your mobile number registered with us.

SMS alerts will be sent whenever your account is credited or debited in real time. For example, you will receive an SMS alert for every purchase conducted through point of sale machines. You may choose to receive SMS balance notification alerts at pre-defined timings as per your convenience. Select from the following times when you’d like to receive your account/credit card available balance:

  • Monthly – beginning of each month.
  • Weekly – specify a day that suits you.
  • Daily – at a specified time (Morning - 9.30AM or Evening - 6PM). 

CBD SMS ​Banking service works on all GSM mobile phones that support SMS technology (Etisalat and du numbers). 

It’s easy! Simply compose a new SMS text message as per the sample messages on our CBD SMS ​Banking user guide and send to 4266. Save all the text formats you need under the “sent item” folder on your mobile phone for future use. 

Yes, your bill numbers should be pre-registered. 

No password is required for this service, and all payments are completely secure since the consumer/bill numbers are pre-registered and linked to your account.