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Investment Group Offering

To provide professional expertise to customers in order to assist them in achieving their short and long term financial goals.

Whether the goal is to preserve, increase, or manage wealth, CBD Investment Group will work closely with customers and provide them with customized and strategic solutions tailored to their individual needs.

Our investment offering relies on a customer-centric, holistic advisory process, delivered through professional investment managers. Centered on your needs, our investment managers conduct detailed financial analysis, risk profile, and fact-finding to propose suitable and relevant solutions for you.

Investment solutions offerings are provided on two levels: CORE that address long-term preservation and growth, and SATELLITE that aims to take advantage of short-term opportunities that are aligned to the longer-term objectives.

One philosophy that we live by is emphasizing risk management at advisory and solution levels rather than merely chasing returns.

Our solutions fall into two distinct categories ranging from easy systematic investment plans to bespoke multi-asset, dynamic solutions.