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International Investment Plan (IIP)


It’s always to your advantage to have a strong financial plan to meet your objectives. Whether you aspire to buy a house, fund your children’s education, build a nest egg for your retirement or just save for a rainy day, a disciplined approach to investing will ensure that you achieve all your goals.

Your monthly investments will be deployed in Sharia-compliant diversified portfolios, professionally managed with a selection of suitable mutual funds portfolio that suits your specific risk profile.

Top Features

Features and Benefits

  • International Investment Plan is denominated in UAE Dirhams.
  • Fixed monthly contributions starting from AED 3,000 per month.
  • Monthly contribution through auto debit from CBD Account.
  • Addition lump sum contributions may be made any time to enhance investment performance.
  • Investments can be redeemed any time from one month’s notice, without any charges.
  • The investment plan doesn’t have any lock-up period or minimum investment period.

How should I invest for the future?

  • Regular contributions over an extended period of time can build up significant wealth.
  • Disciplined regular contributions help take advantage of market volatility and remove the emotional factors that can disrupt an investment plan.
  • The key is to select an investment plan that yields returns in excess of inflation to achieve real growth.
  • The selection of a suitable portfolio will be based upon a simple risk-profiling questionnaire which will give you peace of mind.
  • The sooner you start, the better it is – since investments tend to perform better over longer time periods.