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Hyat Superior

Life is a journey. Ensuring that we have established a sound financial base for each step of this journey requires proactive planning.

With Hyat Superior, a Sharia-compliant unit-linked family takaful plan from SALAMA, a wide range of your financial protection needs could be met. Whether you want to save money for your child’s education or marriage, or secure your retirement, your future is in good hands.

Plan BenefitWhole of Life coverage
Minimum Term7 years
Maximum TermUp to age 100 years
Minimum Age at Entry18 years
Maximum Age at Entry74 years
Maximum Age at Maturity100 years
Family Takaful CoverLump sum payment in the event of death of the Covered Member during the Plan Term
Inbuilt Terminal Illness CoverLump sum payment if the Covered Member is diagnosed as being terminally ill with a life expectancy of less than 12 months within the Plan Term
Full/ Partial EncashmentPartial encashment allowed after 3 years’ plan contributions have been received. Full encashment available at any time. Encashment charges apply
Contribution Payment FrequencyMonthly/ Quarterly/ Half Yearly/ Yearly
Plan CurrencyPlan is available in AED and USD
Contribution HolidayContribution holiday for a maximum period of one year is allowed, after 3 plan years and subject to the discretion of the Operator
Free Look Period21 days from the Issue Date
Grace Period90 days from the last contribution due date
Reinstatement Period12 months from the last contribution due date
Scope of CoverWorldwide
Minimum Contributions Monthly – AED 200 or USD 50
Quarterly – AED 600 or USD 150
Half Yearly – AED 1200 or USD 300
Yearly – AED 2000 or USD 500
  • Accidental Death: Provides additional lump sum where death of the Covered Member is directly and solely because of an accident.
  • Permanent and Total Disability: Provides a lump sum if the Covered Member is permanently and totally disabled due to accident or sickness for a continuous period of at least 180 days.
  • Critical Illness: Provides a lump sum on diagnosis of a critical illness from a predetermined list of covered illnesses.
  • Family Income Benefit: Provides annuity payments to the Covered Member’s family upon his death, for - the unexpired portion of the period chosen by him at inception between 1 and 40 years.
  • Hospital Cash Benefit: Benefit pays a fixed amount chosen by the client for each day that is spent in hospital by the Covered Member subject to a maximum of 30 days every year.
  • Waiver of Contribution: Benefit waives Regular Contributions where Covered Member is permanently and totally disabled due to accident or sickness for a continuous period of at least 180 days.
  • Accidental Total or Partial Permanent Disability: Benefit pays a fixed amount if the Covered Member accidentally suffers from any bodily injury within 90 days of the accident. 
  • Application Form fully completed and signed by the Covered Member
  • Valid Illustration signed by the Covered Member, Plan Holder
  • Passport Copy with valid Visa page copy and valid Emirates ID card (front & back side)
  • Proof of payment and future funding method
  • Medical and financial underwriting requirements will be taken on case to case basis
  • CBD customers with valid UAE/ GCC visa or holding UAE nationality are eligible to apply .
  • Age at entry: between 18 and 74 years.

In case of a claim, the beneficiary may call or write to SALAMA. Address:

Family Takaful, P.O. Box 10214, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel No: + 971 4 407 9999
Fax No: + 971 4 357 7007

SALAMA will release the appropriate claim form and required documentation after initial assessment/verification of the claim notification.

Your plan will remain in force and all benefits will be active till the time there is positive fund value in the Personal Investment Account. Plan will terminate automatically and all benefits seize if there is no fund value in Personal Investment Account. You will have the option to fund the plan from your home country via Telegraphic transfer into SALAMA’s account (quoting the complete Plan number in the narration) and plan can remain in force.
The same will be sent to you through courier within 5-7 working days after issuance (on the correspondence address as per the proposal form)
Currently this service is not available
Yes, subject to financial underwriting and compliance check.
Currently this service is not available
90 days grace period is allowed
Please refer to plan terms and conditions.
Conventional meaning of this word is “Life Insurance”.
If there is surplus left in tabarru fund after paying out claims and other relevant expenses every calendar year.
It is calculated on yearly basis and paid to eligible plan holders in the form of unit addition to their accounts accordingly.
Welcome Letter, Plan Schedule, Plan Terms and Conditions, copy of Application form and illustration copy.
Yes, acceptance of the plan will be subject to underwriting.
Yes. Plan can be reinstated by paying all pending contributions within 12 months from date of last missed contribution along with signed Declaration of Health and Occupation by the covered member.
In the event that a Plan Contribution is not paid within the Grace Period or Plan Contributions do not recommence after a Contribution Holiday or contributions cease, after the Plan has acquired an Encashment Value, the Plan continues but further Regular Contributions will not be requested, all benefits remain in force, with the exception of Waiver of Contribution., All charges continue with the cost of benefits being met from the Personal Investment Account (“PIA”) up to the Plan Anniversary prior to age 100 or until the PIA is exhausted.
It usually takes between 15-20 working days after submitting all required documents to SALAMA.
You will be given 21 days’ time from issuance date to reconsider your decision.
Yes, you can choose up to 10 investment funds out of the funds range offered by SALAMA or you can choose to invest in different SALAMA investment strategies as well
Yes, Increase and Decrease is allowed. Contribution can be increased at any time. Contribution can only be decreased after the plan has been in force for a period of 3 years.
Yes, minimum amount for the same is AED 3,500 or USD 1,000
SALAMA will directly pay to medical center. Client is not required to pay.
At one of our authorized medical Centre upon request raised by SALAMA underwriting team.

The minimum premium for different frequencies is as follows:

  • Monthly – AED 200 or USD 50
  • Quarterly – AED 600 or USD 150
  • Half Yearly – AED 1200 or USD 300
  • Yearly – AED 2000 or USD 500

Only blood relatives/spouse can be the beneficiaries.

There are so many advantages of SALAMA Hyat Superior plan: Longer Coverage Term, Bonus Allocation, Discounted cost of Insurance, Cost Effectiveness and Surplus Distribution are a few examples.
CBD customers with valid UAE/GCC residence visa or holding UAE nationality, falling within the prescribed age limits are eligible to participate in the plan.


This Product is offered by SALAMA – Islamic Arab Insurance Company for CBD Customers and is subject to underwriting approvals. Terms and Conditions of the Takaful plan shall apply. The Takaful cover shall only start after the issuance of plan by SALAMA – Islamic Arab Insurance Company. Details presented are for your information only. CBD is neither responsible for, nor guarantees or warrants the quality, fitness for purpose, suitability of the Product / Covers being offered and does not accept any liability and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly to the client taking the Takaful cover or beneficiaries or any others. Proceeds of Plan’s investments in Fund(s)/ Strategy(ies) are not guaranteed and SALAMA/CBD bear no responsibility for the performance of Fund(s)/ Strategy(ies) selected.

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