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Credit Card Payment Calculator

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Required Must be more than or equal to the Principle Balance Dear Customer, the outstanding balance in your Credit Card are in installment plans. Kindly refer to your recent Statement of Accounts to know the monthly installment amount and remaining number of installments to settle the full outstanding balance.

Refer to the latest Credit Card Statement of Account to know the 'Total Outstanding Balance'


Principle Balance(s) of Installment Plan(s) is to be determined by adding Easy Payment Plan (EPP*) Principle Balance of all the installment plans mentioned in your Statement of Account


Total Retail Balance is calculated as follows:
Total Outstanding Balance minus Principle Balance(S) of Installment Plan(s)

Refer to the section 'Finance Charges' in your Statement of Account to know the applicable Retail Profit Rate

*EPP refers to Easy Payment Plan(s) also known as Installment Plan(s), is a plan whereby a transaction of certain amount is divided into smaller monthly payments over a certain pre-agreed period
** Total Retail Balance refers to your Credit Card transactions that have not been converted into EPP (Easy Payment Plan / Installment Plan)

  1. Results shown above are calculated basis:
    • The values entered by you and the applicable Retail Interest you have selected.
    • The Minimum Amount Due will be paid in full on the Payment Due Date.
    • Ne new cash or retail transactions being added & there are no additional fee being implied by the Bank.
  2. Results shown is to bring awareness on the maximum time period taken to settle the Total Outstanding Balance and the Total Interest which will be charged during this period.
  3. Results shown shall vary basis the payment amount, date & time of payment made.