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Advisory Mandate


If personal or professional demands prevent you from giving your portfolio the attention it deserves, consider our Advisory Mandate from CBD Investment Group.

Advisory Mandate is a personalized investment management service that provides high net-worth individuals and families with an exclusive investment experience. It combines professional investment expertise with a thorough understanding of the customers, their businesses and their wealth.

Advisory mandate is a customized solution guided by multiple factors starting with your objectives, cash-flow requirements, personal preferences, and circumstances while taking into account the market climate and economic cycles. This is built around a core-satellite approach taking into account your long-term and short-term goals.

Solutions available include fixed income and equity portfolios, a range of regional and international funds and unique offerings, like the Leasing Fund and the Trade Finance Fund.

You benefit from a dedicated investment advisor who is constantly engaged with you to support you in achieving existing and evolving investment objectives.

Advisory Solutions

CBD Al Islami Elite Leasing Fund Ltd.

Investment Theme

The CBD Al Islami Elite Leasing Fund offers investors a low risk, stable and attractive return profile by investing in operating leases entered into with US domiciled investment grade lessees.

The fund aims to preserve capital and generate high level of cash flow comprising profits and principal repayments.

  • Shari’a compliant and overseen by the Shari’a Board.
  • Annual cash distributions of approximately 12% per annum.
  • Fund targets an IRR of 6% - 7% net of all fees.
  • Fund invests only in operating leases to US based blue-chip companies for business-critical equipment.
  • All leases are backed by the security of the equipment.
  • Fund aims to provide capital preservation and attractive regular income.
  • Regular income is distributed every quarter. Cash flow comprises profits and return of capital.
  • Fund has low correlation to equity and fixed income markets.
  • Fund invests ethically, following Islamic principles and guidelines.

CBD Al Islami Elite Trade Finance Fund Shares

Investment Theme

The CBD Al Islami Elite Trade Finance Fund offers investors a low risk, stable, and attractive return profile by investing in a portfolio of global trade finance transactions. The fund targets capital preservation and aims to minimize price volatility and generate a stable and predictable investment return.

  • Shari’a compliant trade finance fund
  • Targeted semi-annual dividend distribution of 3% - 4% per annum.
  • Low-volatility asset class that finances the real economy.
  • Investments are typically short-term.
  • Structuring techniques employed to mitigate transaction risk.
  • Fund aims to provide capital preservation and attractive semi-annual income distributions.
  • Fund has low correlation to equity and fixed income markets.
  • Limited exposure to a rising interest rate environment.
  • Improved risk adjusted returns as banks reduce their exposure to trade finance transactions due to impending regulatory changes

Tap into the vast pool of knowledge of our experts in Private Banking, Investment Banking, and Assets Management. You will also enjoy:

  • CBD Al Islami Elite Al Malaki & CBD Al Islami Elite Sundus – free life takaful (insurance) cover, Marhaba ‘Meet & Greet’, Marhaba limousine airport transfers, and free airport lounge access and other attractive lifestyle benefits. Banking benefits include free cash delivery and pick up at your doorstep, free safe deposit lockers, and no annual fee on credit cards.
  • Exclusive personalized current accounts - your current account will come with enhanced features, fully transparent tariffs and a specially designed Visa Electron card, a higher daily withdrawal limit, and a ‘free-for-life’ cheque book.
  • Access to best Shari’a compliant performing funds - CBD Al Islami Elite funds uses an open architecture platform, which ensures that reputed global fund managers with proven track records manage your money in an unbiased and independent manner.
  • International reach - get access to a suite of Shari’a compliant products and services that meet long-term wealth preservation and management, discretionary and advisory investment mandates, estate and succession planning, offshore banking facilities, and other advisory services.
  • Personalized financing facilities - your relationship manager will ensure a swift finance facilities granting process at competitive profit rates.
  • 24/7 open electronic channels - whatever your query, qualified phone banking representatives are always within reach. Take advantage of this time-saving option by calling 600 575556.
  • CBD Al Islami Elite Lounges – say goodbye to waiting in long queues. Exclusive, designated seating areas in selected branches allow CBD Al Islami Elite customers to relax and discuss their financial requirements with their dedicated relationship managers.
  • Exclusive credit cards - Visa Infinite credit cards offered only to CBD Al Islami Elite customers, come with exclusive privileges and benefits including Attijari Points under the newly launched customer loyalty rewards program.